Adolescent Treatment in Arkansas

It is among the changes adolescents go through at this time, along with edgier tastes in clothes and music, growth in stature and a heightened sense of self-awareness. There are numerous reasons why dentists believe orthodontic appliances and teenagers go hand in hand.

​Even earlier orthodontic intervention is recommended but adolescence is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment. One of the reasons for orthodontic intervention during adolescence is linked with the teeth development. Every kid has his or her unique timetable for development but by the age of 11-13 the deciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth have all been lost, and the permanent ones start growing. This is the appropriate time to carry out orthodontic intervention to prevent and correct the problems that cause poor alignment, malocclusion or improper tooth spacing.

These dental ​ problems worsen with age and become more difficult to treat. Many orthodontic problems can be easily treated during adolescence because of the rapid development occurring at that time. An improved appearance and function can be created in a short period of time can still be created even if a standard braces, or appliances like palatal expanders are used.  As years go by, many conditions become more difficult and costly to treat because the bones of the face and jaw are fully developed.


There is a social element to getting orthodontic treatment in adolescence. There is a higher chance that you will see some of your classmates in our office so the process can be shared with friends. Now, CLEAR Invisalign is often used on most and teens love the less pain, more natural option. When it is over, the perfect smile you desire will be yours and the results lasts for your entire life.


The Orthodontic Treatment Process

When you come in to our office, what can you expect?

The treatment used depends on the condition. We will take pictures and radiographic (X-ray) images of your mout. The first time you come in a model of your bite will also be created and a treatment plan will be developed. Remember, we use the NOYUCK

method so don't worry about the yucky uncomfortable clay in your mouth - not here! We use advanced orthodontics and quick easy digital scans :)


Metal Braces:

Dr. K is now a Gold Level Invisalign Provider. She is now able to fit braces as young as 5 years old!

Most qill qualify for clear braces! If not, don't worry! Dr. K uses the smaller and lighter than ever metal brackets.  

They even come in customized options, for example colored rubber ties on the brackets.


Clear Braces:

It features a composite material that blend in with your teeth and it is made of ceramic.  Although, they are slightly more expensive, but they are suitable in many situations.


How Long Will I Wear Them?

It all depends on what we need to do in your individual situation. The active stage of orthodontic treatment range from 6-30 months. We are moving teeth MUCH FASTER than EVER with our training with Invisalign Preferred. Come in today for a FREE CONSULTATION.